Question: Is God Father or Mother to you?

Sri Chinmoy: God is both my Father and my Mother. I meditate on my Father-God for my illumination and perfection. I pray to my Mother-God for Her Compassion and Affection. When I wish to hear the song of the Infinite in the heart of the finite, I go to my Father-God. When I wish to hear the song of the finite in the soul of the Infinite, I go to my Mother-God.

My heart’s streaming tears in no time reach my Mother-God. My soul’s beaming joys reach my Father-God sooner than the soonest. My Mother-God proudly tells the whole world who I am: I am God’s choice instrument. My Father-God smilingly tells the whole world what my ultimate goal is. My ultimate goal is to serve both my Father-God and my Mother-God unconditionally while they are transforming today’s man into tomorrow’s God.

Every day in the small hours of the morning my Mother-God says to me, “How are you today, My child?” And my Father-God says to me, “What are your plans today, My son?” Late at night when I am about to retire, my Mother-God tells me, “My child, sweet dreams, sweet dreams.” And my Father-God tells me, “My son, do not dream of escaping from harsh reality. Fight bravely against ignorance-night. Be victorious! Your Mother and I are all for you.”

A sweet conversation in my fragrance-heart-garden: I say to my Mother-God, “Mother, You forgive me almost immediately when I do something wrong. How is it and why is it that when I do something wrong, Father, instead of forgiving me, illumines me? And that He does so slowly — although steadily and unerringly. Why, why?”

My Mother-God says to me, “My child, your Father is the one who has to answer this question."

My Father-God says to me, “My child, your Mother’s quick Forgiveness does not necessarily change your nature, but My Illumination can and does change your nature. Yes, it always does.”

My Mother-God says to my Father-God, “But if I do not forgive My child first, how on earth are You going to illumine him?”

My Father-God, heaving a smilingly tearful sigh, says, “Oh, I see! I helplessly agree with You.”