Question: Can God influence world activities in order to help mankind?

Sri Chinmoy: If God cannot influence world activities in order to help mankind, then who can? It is true that some things are predestined. Again, God’s omnipotent Will can and does change human destiny. It has happened countless times both on an individual level and on a collective level down through the sweep of centuries. Under ordinary circumstances, the law of karma is irrevocable, but God’s Grace can easily alter the law of karma.

A naughty boy may strike another boy mercilessly and unnecessarily. But before the other boy can retaliate, the culprit can go and take shelter with his father, asking him for protection. The father knows perfectly well that his son has done something wrong, but the father may protect him and not allow the other party to punish him. Similarly, when we do something wrong, if we beg God for His Forgiveness before the punishment comes, God can forgive us and save us from the deserved punishment if He chooses to.

God inspires heads of countries and all of us to do the right thing. But inspiration is one thing and our acceptance of this inspiration is something else. God wants to fulfil Himself in and through us divinely, but quite often we do not allow Him to do so. We want to fulfil ourselves in a wrong, undivine way. Then naturally we remain divinely unfulfilled and God remains supremely unmanifested.