The mystery of the coconut water

During my first two days in Puerto Rico I fasted and starved, drinking only coconut water. Always Shubhra gave it to me. She does not allow anybody else to serve me. Nobody dares to give me anything if Shubhra is there. Saraswati and Shubhra are sisters, so Saraswati doesn’t mind.

In the morning I was thirsty. I was in the meditation room and Shubhra was not there. Alo said, “I will go get you something. There is coconut water in a glass in the refrigerator.”

So she brought the coconut water and gave it to me to drink. I took a sip. It was soap! Alo was so furious. A glass of soapy water inside the refrigerator! Then she said she knows Shubhra quite often puts coconut water inside the refrigerator, and she thought this was coconut water.

Everybody was saying Gauri was the one who had put the soapy water in the refrigerator, since she is the one who washes the dishes. But Gauri was begging me to use my occult power to see who was the culprit.

I said, “I don’t know who did it, but everybody is blaming you.”

— 19 February 1984