An apprehensive soul

This time, when I arrived in Australia the soul of Australia approached me with tremendous apprehension about whether it would be able to please me. Even when I was in the plane, my disciples were so excited that I was coming, but the soul was suffering from apprehension.

The first time I went there, I was new, and the soul greeted me with immense joy. I did not expect much, and the soul did not expect much from me. But over the years we have developed a good friendship. Since I have done so much for the soul of Australia through my Australian disciples, and the soul knows how much I have done, not only for the disciples, but also for the Australian consciousness, the soul of Australia wanted to give me something very powerful and striking. Sometimes when you consciously want to give something great, very striking, you may be full of apprehension whether you will be able to give or not. When you want to do something or give something very significant, then you become apprehensive.

So right from the airport I was seeing a kind of apprehension. The soul greeted me with utmost joy, love and gratitude, but there was also apprehension about what was going to happen and whether I was going to be pleased and satisfied. But when the concert was over there was tremendous relief, tremendous relief. During the first concert, when there were people waiting outside, I saw that the soul felt great relief that I was well received. Even if nobody had waited for the second show, the soul would not have minded because the first concert was more than enough. It is not only the number of people but also the sincere enthusiasm.

The soul of Australia wanted to show me the sincere concern for peace and the sincere aspiration of its people, and when the soul saw that it was able to show me those things, the soul was more than pleased.

— 16 September 1984