The missing notebook13

The following day, while I was waiting to board the plane to Madras, I was writing poems. After some time I put my notebook on the seat next to me and began meditating. Suddenly I noticed that my notebook had disappeared. I started asking myself, “Where did it go?”

I looked for the notebook in my blue bag, but it was not there. Then I started looking around me. There were about seventy or eighty people waiting to get on the plane, and it was almost boarding time. Then I saw that somebody was holding the notebook. He was not reading the poems; he was only appreciating the beautiful parrot that was on the cover.

I said to him, “Excuse me, this is my book.”

He said, “Your book? I found it on a seat. Nobody was sitting there, so I took it because I liked the bird.”

Fortunately I got my notebook back at the last minute. Otherwise, ninety-nine poems would have been lost.

WE 13. 28 March 1982