Thrown out of my seat

In Bangkok we had a fifteen-minute stopover. The man in the Delhi airport who said that there would be problems because we didn't get assigned seats was right. If you don't have assigned seats, you are out, out, out!

I was sitting in seat 27C. I left my seat for a few minutes at Bangkok. When I came back, a lady was sitting in it. She said, "This is my seat." Her boarding pass said seat 27C. In Bangkok they gave out seat numbers, but in Delhi they hadn't. So I was thrown out of my seat.

I found another seat. In three minutes a man came and said it was his seat. I went to speak to the steward. He said, "I know in Delhi they didn't give out seat numbers. You sit here."

I had to sit in a middle seat between two people, and I suffered for so many hours.

When I travel alone, the forces very nicely attack me.

The Australian lady also left her seat at Bangkok, and I never saw her again. God knows what happened to her. Perhaps she also had the same problem that I did with the seat numbers.

— 28 September 1984