A small world

This world is so small. In 1966 a German lady became my disciple in Puerto Rico. She lived right across the street from our first Centre there. From my apartment I could see where she lived. In my book Yoga and the Spiritual Life, there are quite a few questions on the soul that were asked by her. She also translated our Invocation into German. I gave her the Indian name `Abhaya’, which means fearless, dauntless.

One day Nadeshwar, our supreme boxing champion, was saying unkind things about the strength of women. Abhaya could not tolerate it, so she challenged him to a boxing match. She didn’t know anything about boxing, but she was very mad.

Nadeshwar said, “Oh no, I can’t fight with women.”

After that, Nadeshwar kept quiet.

Abhaya moved to Miami a few years later and left us.

At the end of tonight’s concert, who should come up to me but Abhaya! I didn’t recognise her until she told me her name. She was quite devoted.

— 24 March 1985