Good Indian hearts

Today in Berlin when I sat down to eat something in the Maharajah restaurant, I put my bag on the floor at my feet. But when I left, I forgot to take the bag with me — and it had my passport and wallet inside.

I discovered that it was missing four hours later when I was about to enter into the hotel. I went back to the restaurant and everything was still there — passport, money, everything. I wanted to give them gifts to show my appreciation, but they wouldn't take anything.

I have the bad habit on occasion of calling Indians 'rogues'. You have no idea how many times Indians have deceived me! So because I am an Indian, I am entitled to speak ill of them. But here I found good Indian hearts. They had been wondering why I had not come back sooner for the bag, and they were so happy to see me.

These people had no greed — only sympathy, kindness and oneness. I was so deeply moved.

— 7 June 1986