The Frenchman

As soon as I sat down on the plane for my trip to India, a Frenchman was so kind to me. My handbag was a little big, so he took it from me and put it under the seat in front of him to give me more legroom. Then he asked me if I needed a blanket and a pillow. Who will do this kind of thing?

He asked me if I am interested in Indian culture. Being an Indian, I had to say that I am. O God, then he asked me what kind of Indian dancing I prefer. I am the right person!

He said he was learning to play the piano and was just a beginner. Then he asked me if I am also interested in piano.

I said, "I am also a beginner, although I have made a tape." I promised to send him my piano tape.

Then he gave me his card and asked for my card. Luckily, I was carrying some Centre envelopes with me, so I gave him an envelope that had my return address.

— 30 July 1987