Meeting the President of the Veterans' Games

The President of the World Veterans' Games, Don Farquharson, is a Canadian. At the Melbourne airport, he came up to me full of kindness and appreciation and said, "Do you recognise me? I saw you at the Games in Puerto Rico." He talked to me about this and that for quite a while; he was so happy to see me.

When I was at the stadium, again the President came up to me. At that time I was in a meditative consciousness.

He said, "Sorry to disturb your meditation. I have come to introduce my son to you. My son and his new wife are enjoying their honeymoon here. I want them to meet you and see your meditation."

So he introduced them both to me. Then he said, "Can we have a picture taken with you?"

I said, "Of course."

Then he, his daughter-in-law and his son all stood next to me for a picture.

— 4 December 1987