Night and day

When I went to New Zealand, I received VIP treatment. An officer came onto the plane and escorted me through Customs.

But in Victoria, Canada, I had such a deplorable experience. The lady working in Customs said that fifteen years ago she had heard a talk I gave at the university in Seattle when she had been a student there. "I know everything about you," she said.

But unfortunately our Peace Mile she didn't understand. Our Peace Concert she didn't understand. She was harassing me like anything!

When it is a matter of service, I have rendered much, much more service to Canada than to New Zealand. So many times I have given talks and concerts there! So this is what happens: New Zealand was so kind to me and Canada was so bad. It was like night and day!

Not only I but also my Canadian students have done so much for the heart and soul of Canada. My Canadian students have really awakened and illumined the consciousness of Canada. Nobody will believe how much they have helped Canada spiritually.

— 6 December 1987