The horse and carriage ride

In Bukittinggi I took a horse and carriage to the market.

If you go one way, it takes only two minutes. But the driver was such a rogue; he took me all the way in the other direction so that it would take a long time. Still, he was very nice and I gave him 2,000 rp., so he was very satisfied.

After I did my shopping and was ready to go back, I saw that he was still there. There were ten or twelve other carriages in the market as well, but I went to him because he had been nice.

We came back to the hotel in three minutes. When I gave him 1,000 rp., he was grumbling and fumbling because the previous time, when he had brought me the long way, I had given him 2,000 rp. Later, everybody told me the price should have been only 1,000 rp.

— January 1988