The bamboo chair

As soon as I sat down on the bamboo chair at that restaurant, I liked the chair so much. It was very large and comfortable, and I was taking lots of exercises on it.

I said jokingly to myself, "Since I am a multi-millionaire, I am going to buy the chair."

Savyasachi went to ask about buying the chair, but the boss was not there and the workers said they couldn't sell the chair. So we waited and waited for the boss. After about half an hour he came in, and Savyasachi offered him 20,000 rp. for the chair.

The boss looked at the workers and the workers looked at the boss. They didn't understand why we wanted this particular chair and they weren't sure what to do.

The boss said this chair was old, but we could buy a new one at another place. I said, "No, I want to buy this one."

Again they hesitated. The boss looked at us and the two girls looked at us, but nobody said anything.

Then Savyasachi took the 20,000 rp. and touched the hands of the two girls and the boss together. Finally they agreed.

What a crazy thing to buy a chair in a restaurant! But I had gotten such good vibrations from the chair while I was taking exercise on it that I said, "I am not going to leave this chair here."

— 12 January 1988