I remember you!

When I was in the Bangkok Airport en route to India, I saw a very fat, middle-aged man standing on one side watching everything. He was the supervisor. As soon as he saw me, he said, “I remember you, I remember you, I remember you!”

I said, “From where?”

He said, “I have seen your picture in the newspaper, and I have also seen you on television. I am sure it is you.”

I said, “Yes, yes.”

Then he said, “What are you doing nowadays?”

I told him, “Just yesterday I set a new record; I lifted a man weighing 317 pounds.”

He said, “So much weight? No good for your heart! No good for your lungs! Don’t do this anymore!” With such concern he was advising me.

Then I smiled and thanked him and went away.

— 20 January 1989