Visiting the Archbishop

Perhaps you know that today I went to visit the Archbishop of Guatemala, Monsignor Prospero Pinados del Barrio, at the Cathedral Metropolitana. He is a very kind, very compassionate and very loving personality.

I went with Agraha, Purnahuti (at that time known as Christian) and Aparajita. One of the nuns was waiting to open up the door for us, but she disappeared. Then a gentleman opened the door. Alas, I could not recognise that it was the Archbishop himself. Perhaps only Purnahuti knew he was the Archbishop. I do not think that Agraha and Aparajita knew. I was asking them if he was the one. In the meantime, he closed the door.

Purnahuti told us, "He is the one." Then the Archbishop came back and opened the door again. In the beginning, we were very respectful, but when he came back the second time, we showed him tremendous admiration and adoration.

—- 22 December 1997, Guatemala City