Harmonium experiences33

Before I left for California, Vinaya ordered a case for my new big harmonium. I gave him the money and he bought it, only to discover it was too big - three times larger than the instrument itself. And he had measured the harmonium first!

I said, “Vinaya, you have bought my coffin!”

That particular harmonium is by far the best, so I wanted to take it to San Francisco. Two weeks earlier I had received it from India. The last time I was in Calcutta I played it in the store and I liked it so much. The people in the store were kind enough to send me the same one.

The first time I went to Japan I went via San Francisco. In San Francisco I liked a particular harmonium and I bought it. They said, “Oh, we will ship it to New York,” and I believed them. When I got back to New York there was a harmonium, but not the one I had bought.

WE 33. 11 June 1982