Eight refunds45

As I was filling out the form for a refund, the head stewardess came by and said, “Where did you get this?” She was absolutely furious.

The first stewardess said, “I am giving him a refund. Otherwise, these people are going to sue the airline. We have taken money from them for ambassador class, but these are not ambassador-class seats.”

There were only eight of us in the ambassador class, although there were about 40 seats. So the head stewardess went to get refund forms for the other seven passengers as well. First she was angry at the stewardess who gave me the refund form. Perhaps she had wanted to deceive us. But then she herself went to all the other ambassador-class passengers and gave them forms.

It was all because of the man who called me ‘God’ that eight people got refunds. The other ambassador-class passengers were fools like me. If that man had not spoken up, the stewardess would have kept silent about the fact that they were not ambassador-class seats.

My only thanks to that man came through my smiling. The man was very pleased when I smiled at him. Then he went away.

After some time I got up to look for my friend, because I wanted to thank him. I walked all around the economy section, going to this side and that side, but I could not find him.

First this man was angry at me. Then his heart came forward and he brought a little pillow and blanket for God. Then he saw that God was suffering, so he wanted to sue the airline. Because of him eight people got refunds.

WE 45. 11 June 1982