Editor's note

Earth is never quite prepared for a true God-realised soul. As children will chase after a meteor that falls from the sky, all the divine and undivine forces of this world seem drawn to him. Thus, on both the inner plane and the outer plane, a Master’s biography is a unique and wondrous thing.

In this unusual book, the great spiritual teacher Sri Chinmoy describes some of the ordinary and not-so-ordinary experiences he has had while travelling in different places. They form part of the memorabilia that a Master from another reality has collected during his stay on earth — like the pebbles and shells a child might pick up on a visit to the seashore. In the case of a God-realised soul, however, such treasures belong to all humanity, and the reader is invited to marvel, laugh and commiserate with him as he recalls these stories from his human past. It is a rare opportunity, divinely illumining and supremely fulfilling.