Blamed for everything

Then Milka Singh said, “Next year the Veterans Games will take place in Puerto Rico. I will be going there with a delegation. I hope they do a better job and make better arrangements.

“They have elected me president, so I am blamed for everything here. I don’t get any salary, but every day I get a heart attack. Is there anybody who does not curse me? The higher you go, the worse your punishment is. What can I do? People are turning me insane.”

At this point the reporter wanted to interview me. I said, “Please forgive me. I am not interested now. I am speaking to this man.”

Then I told Milka Singh, “You won’t believe it, but I am going to inaugurate the games in Puerto Rico with a silent meditation and a brief message.”

I still had my Galaxy of Luminaries. I showed him Governor Colon’s picture and Governor Ferre’s picture. He said, “You are a great man. Can I have this book?”

I said, “I am autographing it for you.” So I dedicated the booklet to him. I gave him my phone number in Puerto Rico and my private phone number in New York. I said, “When you are in Puerto Rico, you will be my guest, along with the members of your delegation.”

— 31 March 1983