The spiritual realtor

I was looking for a small apartment in Florida. When you go apartment hunting, if you like something, you can’t get it. The reason: because you meditate. Three apartments I couldn’t get because I belong to a “cult.” In Florida they observe Sri Chinmoy Day, but in Fort Lauderdale I got this kind of treatment.

The realtor was working so hard and taking me to so many places. For one particular apartment, the price they were asking was too high. The realtor was furious and disgusted. He told the owner he would give up his commission if the man gave me the apartment at a lower price. But the owner did not believe him. They were having a fight on the telephone.

The realtor came from Rhode Island. In his office he had a magazine that had a short article about our triathlon. Outwardly he does not pray, but he was more than spiritual. He wanted to invite me to his house for dinner. Most of the time I salute realtors from a distance. They have given me so many unpleasant experiences. But with this man God wanted to show me that there can be good realtors on earth.

— 26 January 1984