9. Sri Chinmoy Receives an Honorary Doctorate Degree from Dr. D. Tsedev, Rector of The Mongolian University of Culture and Arts, and offers a Lecture on art at the State Academic Theatre of Drama, 21 May 2007

Dr. G. Mend-Ooyo: [as translated]: Good evening. This evening the leader of The Peace Meditation at the United Nations, world-renowned peace ambassador, poet and artist Sri Chinmoy, is present here.

The activities of the Sri Chinmoy cultural programme in Mongolia are progressing successfully. Earlier, the President of Mongolia, Nambaryn Enkhbayar, received Sri Chinmoy in his office and awarded him the Medal of Friendship.

A selection of Sri Chinmoy's artistic works, called "Jharna-Kala" or "Fountain-Art," is being exhibited at the art gallery. Also, Sri Chinmoy has delivered a lecture on poetry, titled "Poetry: A Heaven-Climbing Song," at Government Palace. The World Harmony Run, a big sporting event, has just taken place in Ulaanbaatar. As part of his lifting programme, Sri Chinmoy has lifted numerous Mongolian horses. And, just yesterday, Sri Chinmoy gave a public concert at Ulaanbaatar Palace.

Today Sri Chinmoy will give his talk on art. Before you enjoy Sri Chinmoy's talk, another very important and delightful event is going to take place now.

[A musician entered to offer a dynamic performance on the Mongolian cello. He was resplendent in a traditional floor-length red robe and pointed hat, both trimmed with silver and black, and white boots with red trim.]

Dr Mend-Ooyo: The Rector of the Mongolian University of Culture and Arts, Professor, Mongolian poet and writer Dr. D. Tsedev.

DR. D. TSVEDEV [as translated]: The Board of Scholars of the University of Culture and Arts has a tradition of presenting an award to people who have significantly contributed to the promotion of world peace through culture and art. Therefore, by the decision of the Board of Scholars, the Mongolian University of Culture and Arts is hereby presenting the award of Honorary Doctorate Degree to Sri Chinmoy.

The Mongolian University of Culture and arts Diploma of Honorary Doctor

Doctor Sri Chinmoy,
Cultural ambassador
promoting world peace,
profound thinker and master of creativity,
is awarded the title of
Honorary Doctor of the Mongolian
University of Culture and Arts
in recognition of his great contribution
to the development of human peace
and enlightenment
according to resolution number two
adopted by the Academic Board of the
University on May 10, 2007

Signed by the Rector of the
Mongolian University of Culture and Arts
and chairman of the Academic Board,
Dr. Professor Tsedev and the Secretary

Ulannbaatar, May 10, 2007

[Dr. Tsedev placed an honorary gold and white fringed academic mantle, similar to his own, over Sri Chinmoy's head and shoulders, and a gold and white pointed hat on Sri Chinmoy's head. He then draped a long gold sash around Sri Chinmoy's neck, and offered the proclamation.]

Sri Chinmoy: [to sustained applause]: What a surprise you have sprung upon me! Most highly esteemed professors and university authorities, I wish to offer you my heart's boundless and boundless gratitude for this signal honour that you have bestowed upon me. The Mongolian University of Culture and Arts, to you I bow with my life's utmost humility. To you I bow with my heart's oneness, joy and love.

The very name 'Mongolia' gives me an inner thrill. The very name, when I hear it, or when I myself pronounce the word 'Mongolia', gives me a tremendous inner thrill.

In your art I see simplicity and profundity at the same time. The artistic capacities and qualities of the Mongolian artists have directly come from the highest Heaven, from where art and culture descend.

Mongolian speed remains unparalleled. Here, at the age of three or four, children ride horses. This has a special significance in the inner world. The progress in the inner world in terms of speed is most remarkable in Mongolian life. Speed and strength quite often do not go together. But here, in your case, both inner speed and outer strength you can demonstrate to the whole world. The Mongolian Sumo wrestler Asashoryu [Dolgorsuren Dagvadorj] holds many records. He is a champion of strength in the outer life. And in the inner life, your children are showing their speed.

The Mongolian University of Culture and Arts has just bestowed upon me its choicest blessings. For that, I shall remain eternally indebted to your University. Once more, my dear ones, my esteemed friends, I am offering you gratitude and gratitude and gratitude from the inmost recesses of my heart.

Dr Mend-Ooyo: I would like once again to congratulate Sri Chinmoy, on behalf of the people gathered here, for receiving this Honorary Degree. He will now offer his talk, entitled "Art: The Beauty of Earth and the Fragrance of Heaven."

[Sri Chinmoy performed on the Indian esraj.]

Sri Chinmoy: Before I prayerfully offer my talk, I am inviting my students to sing the song on Fountain-Art. The name of my art is "Fountain-Art," so I am requesting them to sing this song.

[Sri Chinmoy's students performed his song "Fountain-Art" as he meditated on the majestic stage. A large display mounted high above Sri Chinmoy proclaimed the title of his talk in both Mongolian and English.]