Sri Chinmoy Answers Questions from Professors of the Mongolian University of Culture and Arts, 21 May 2007

[Just before Sri Chinmoy's lecture on art at the State Academic Theatre of Drama, several professors from the Mongolian University of Culture and Arts presented unique questions. Following are Sri Chinmoy's illumining answers to these questions.]

11. Question: Some scholars maintain that Mongolia is the centre of world energy, and therefore Mongolians believe that Heaven's Force and Heaven's most powerful Blessings are on Mongolia. What is your opinion?

Sri Chinmoy: My opinion is very simple. Mongolia has received the highest Blessings from Heaven. Mongolian art and Mongolian culture have a direct access to the Supreme Artist, so I am very happy and very grateful to be here. Mongolia has the closest connection with the Supreme Artist in Heaven.

Whatever the name of a country may be, it is the inner feeling that is of utmost importance. When I hear the name 'Mongolia', immediately I get an inner thrill. This inner thrill comes directly from the highest Heaven.