Part IV — Questions and answers

Question: I feel a trembling in the head during meditation.

Sri Chinmoy: It is your unconscious fear of the unknown. This is not good. You see the reality which is ahead of you, but you feel it is not going to befriend you. You feel that the reality is a stranger to you. You feel that it may not welcome you; on the contrary, it may harm you. But when you pray and meditate, the reality that will come into your pure heart can never cause any trouble for you. So always try to have faith in the reality-experience that is before you. It is a friend of yours and not an enemy.

There is also another trembling seekers have, which is an ecstatic trembling. It is not in the head or any other part of the body; it is only in the heart. Your inner being or soul will dance. But this is not what is happening in your case. So, do not be afraid of the unknown. Today it may remain unknown, but tomorrow it will be known. When a child is in kindergarten, primary school will be unknown to him. But in one year, the same child will go to primary school. Then he will see that there is nothing strange, nothing wrong in it. It is all gradual progress. The unknown is something waiting for us; only we have to welcome it. But if we don’t pray and meditate, then we will not feel that the unknown is encouraging and illumining.