Question: Do you think Jesus was God's only son?

Sri Chinmoy: God is the tree. A tree will not have only one branch. If you see a tree with only one branch and you also see a tree that has several branches, which one will you appreciate? A father may have only one son. Again, what is wrong if the father has two sons? You can’t say that a father cannot have more than one son. If the father does have more than one child, then one son can be a doctor, one can be an engineer, one can be a poet. But if he has only one son, then that son cannot be everything. Let us take God as a human being. If the human father has more than one son, then he can accomplish many things in and through his children. If he has only one son, that person can do only a few things.

God wants to manifest Himself on earth. We feel that if the kingdom of Heaven has to be brought down to earth, it is a very big task. If we have to bring God-consciousness down to earth, then we need more than one person. Each one is equally important. We will not say that the Christ is not as important as Sri Krishna. Never, never. They are both equally important. It is like the left hand and the right hand. If I am in a tug-of-war, then shall I use only my one hand? I will use both hands. So Sri Krishna, the Buddha, the Christ are all hands of God. God has to utilise all His hands.