Question: Is it necessary to see God in His personal aspect?

Sri Chinmoy: It is always advisable for seekers, especially in the beginning, to cry for the personal God. The impersonal God is very difficult to approach. When a seeker tries to approach God in His impersonal aspect, he enters into false imagination. Imagination is not bad, but it can be all mental fantasies. But if one starts with the personal God and then lets the personal God show His other form, the impersonal form, at that time it is easy.

If a child sees his father personally, he will be more happy than if he just knows how much strength, peace or light the father has. The child doesn’t care for these things. As long as he sees the father in the physical, in the human body, in the personal form, then he is satisfied. But again, if the child wants to see the father’s capacity, if he wants to see how much weight the father can lift or how much he can do in the mental world, then this is the impersonal way of seeing.