100. God's nationality

In his dream he saw
A Russian, an American, a German,
A Chinaman, a Japanese, an Indian,
A Pakistani, a Frenchman, an Englishman
and a Canadian
Fighting over the nationality of God.
The Russian said,
“God can be of any nationality, but not
The American said,
“I shall ask God to leave me for some time,
Change His nationality
And stay with the Russian.
Russia needs God’s inner Presence,
Whereas I can stay for some time
Without God’s outer Presence.
Needless to say, God is an American.”
The German said,
“God is a clever fellow.
He changes His nationality quite often.
When a nation becomes powerful
He adopts the nationality of that country
Quickly and devotedly.”
The Chinaman said,
“Although God’s Presence does not add
Anything to my nation,
God secretly indulges His Chinese nationality.”
The Japanese said,
“We all know that God
Most secretly and convincingly
Enjoys His sole nationality: Japanese.”
The Indian said,
“Before God started
Taking human incarnation,
He assured India that
He would assume only one nationality,
Forever and forever.”
The Pakistani said,
“We know it.
That is why we do not allow God
The eternal Hindu
To darken our country.”
The Frenchman and the Englishman
Fought bitterly
And then divided God’s nationality
Into two gigantic halves.
The Canadian saluted the American and said,
“God’s eternal American nationality
Will one day be proved indisputable.”
The American embraced the Canadian and said,
“Take what I have and what I am.
What I have is outer assurance.
What I am is inner gratitude.”