533. Integrality

My life-tree has four branches:
Sincerity, purity, humility, divinity.

These four branches bring me
The message of integrality
From far Heaven.

When sincerity offers me
The message of life divine,
Purity, humility and divinity together dance.

When purity offers me
The message of self-dedication,
Humility, divinity and sincerity together dance.

When humility offers me
The message of world-illumination,
Divinity, sincerity and purity together dance.

When divinity offers me
The best message of God-perfection
Here on earth, there in Heaven,
Sincerity, purity and humility together dance.

The dance of sincerity, purity, humility and divinity
Is the highest flight of God,
The integral Universal Self.