540. Gratitude

When I offered my feeble gratitude to God,
He immediately said,
“Ah, what is it?
I have never seen
Such a beautiful thing in all My life
Either in Heaven or on earth.
Can I use it for a purpose divine?”
I smilingly said,
“Certainly You can.
It is for Your daily and constant use.”

When I offered my powerful gratitude to man,
He immediately blurted out,
“You know your deception
Has touched the topmost bough of the earth-tree.
I have given you my silver advice, my golden promise
And my diamond assurance.
Although they were the products
Of the world of fury,
I certainly deserve infinitely more
Living and fulfilling gratitude
Than what you have given me today.
Take it back,
Take it back,
You rogue, you beggar-woman!
From now on my life of compassion
Shall barter nothing
With the bones of a beggar-woman.”