Five soulful friends1

Dear seekers, dear brothers and sisters, I wish to give a very short talk on perfection, satisfaction, giving, becoming and transcending.

Perfection and satisfaction are one and inseparable. I need perfection. I pray to God to grant me, out of His boundless Bounty, soulful perfection. I want satisfaction. I meditate on God for His fruitful Satisfaction. I pray to God sleeplessly not to fulfil my desire-life. I meditate on God for His triumphant Manifestation in and through my aspiration-life. My desire-life binds me. My aspiration-life liberates me. My desire-life feeds the animal in me, binds the human in me and blights the divine in me. My aspiration-life silences the animal in me, awakens the human in me and immortalises the divine in me.

Giving and becoming are one and inseparable. I am giving to my Beloved Supreme my ignorance-night. I am giving to mankind an iota of my faith-flame. I am giving to my Beloved Supreme my surrender-heart and gratitude-life. I am giving to mankind my aspiration-cry and dedication-smile. Consciously and constantly I am becoming both God’s messenger and man’s messenger. As a messenger of man, the seeker in me is carrying humanity’s imperfection-sea to God. As a messenger of God, the seeker in me is carrying God’s Compassion-Sky to man.

Becoming and transcending are one and inseparable. At every moment I am transcending, within and without. I am transcending my previous experiences and my previous realisations; I am transcending my earth-bound capacities. At every moment the Supreme in me is making the impossible possible. At every moment the Singer Supreme within me is singing the song of continuous progress. Continuous progress is founded upon self-giving, and self-giving and God-becoming are one and inseparable.

I am giving. I am becoming. I am transcending. Unconditionally I am giving. Unreservedly I am becoming. Unendingly I am transcending.

The human in us cries for success. The divine in us cries for progress. When we live in the success-world, we see that there is no end to our success-march. Each time we succeed in something, we become dissatisfied, because at that very moment a new goal appears before us and we still feel like veritable beggars. But when we live in the progress-world, although our ultimate Goal is still a far cry, at every moment we are finding satisfaction, because progress itself is all-illumining and all-fulfilling satisfaction. Therefore, a sincere, genuine, soulful seeker will always long for progress and not for success. If he longs for progress, only then will he be able to please and fulfil his Beloved Pilot Supreme in the way that He wants to be pleased and fulfilled. And this is the only way that the seeker himself can be truly satisfied — by pleasing God in His own Way.

Each moment the seeker in me is longing for perfection, which is the harbinger of satisfaction. Perfection and satisfaction are always founded upon self-giving, and self-giving is another name for God-becoming. What is God-becoming? God-becoming is nothing other than our conscious and constant realisation of transcending oneness in perfection and transcending perfection in oneness.

WNG 2. Honolulu, Hawaii, 14 March 1980