Caller: As I am listening to Sri Chinmoy on the radio, I feel tremendous divine Love emanating from him, and I am wondering how I can be more receptive to that divine Love.

Sri Chinmoy: You can be more receptive to the divine Love if you can feel every day that your Source is all Love, and that you are on earth to offer constantly, in thought and in action, the love that you already have. At every moment you have many thoughts, so you can offer love through each of your thoughts. And each time you do something, you can feel that this action is nothing but an expression of love. Right now, offering love through thought and action is of supreme importance in your life. While thinking and while acting, if you can feel that you are offering love to mankind, to the rest of the world, then you can be more receptive to the universal Love. In this way you can feel that God’s divine Love is all for you.