Question: Should we feel that we have God's Blessing in the same way?

Sri Chinmoy: Yes, you have to feel that you have God’s Blessing, and that because you have His Blessing, you will succeed. When you undertake a journey, if a person who is superior blesses you, especially if it is a spiritual person, a spiritual Master, then you are bound to succeed. In the ordinary life, when children are about to do something, their parents bless them. These blessings are of tremendous importance, for the parents are pouring into their children their utmost good wishes. In India, for example, before children go to school for an examination, they first go to their parents for blessings. When the parents bless them, the parents do not feel that they are representing God, far from it. They put their hands on their children and pray to God, “I am blessing my child, but in secret I am praying to You to bless him in and through me.” When the mother places her hand on the child’s head, the child thinks that the mother is blessing him. But the mother knows that the actual Blessing is coming from above, from God. She is only the instrument. Because she sincerely loves the child, she is praying to God, “O God, please descend into my son with all Your Blessings.”

As there is no difference between God and God’s Compassion or God and God’s Forgiveness, similarly, there is no difference between God and God’s Blessing. If I say “Blessing,” then it is God I am speaking of. If I say “God,” you have to know that He is all Blessing. When you have that kind of feeling, then naturally you will have His divine Blessings in your life.