Unconditional surrender6

There are many, many times when the human in me wants to be of service to some individuals most sincerely and eagerly, but the divine stands in my way. My Inner Pilot does not allow me to help in each and every case. What can you do? Sometimes you have the power to do things, but you are not allowed.

Again, sometimes the human in me does not want to help someone because the human is disgusted or disheartened with that person, but the divine says, “Your philosophy is unconditional surrender.” It can happen that when the human does not want something, the divine wants it; and when the human wants something, the divine does not want it.

The human in me gladly surrenders to the divine. First, for a second, I may think, “Do I have to work for that person? That person is so undivine!” But what can I do? For everything I have to surrender, surrender, surrender to my Inner Pilot.

WSI 11. 13 January 1998, Piramides Hotel, Cancun, Mexico