Heart-throbbing songs36

[Sri Chinmoy made the following comments after teaching these five songs at the monthly public meditation for seekers.]

1. I raise my heart. God bends His Ears.

2. Every heart is beautiful when it weeps.

3. Every life is beautiful when it smiles.

4. My God-surrender-heart is made from the Lotus-Petals of my Lord’s Feet.

5. Wherever God goes, the tears of my heart follow Him.

The seekers need not be my students, but I am absolutely certain that, from these songs, they will definitely receive tremendous inspiration. These heart-throbbing songs will help them increase their love of God and their surrender to God’s Will in abundant measure. There shall come a time when these songs will be sung by countless people who want to increase their love of God, their devotion to God and their surrender, complete surrender, to God’s Will. It is only a matter of time.

I want my disciples, no matter which class of singer they may be, to sing these songs. Even if you are not a singer, even if you cannot carry the melody properly, I shall gladly allow you to sing your own melody, as long as you have most sincere, most devoted feelings when you sing these songs.

WSI 36. 1 June 2007, Seeker Meditation, Aspiration-Ground, Jamaica, New York