Sri Chinmoy: Now —

Mr. Edwin Ross: Now?

Sri Chinmoy: I am inspired to say something about you!

Mr. Edwin Ross: About me?

Sri Chinmoy: Yes.

Mr. Edwin Ross: All right.

Sri Chinmoy: God has given you everything. He has given you a beautiful body, a beautiful voice, a beautiful mind, a beautiful heart, a beautiful soul. He is all Compassion to you. He is all Blessings to you. How I wish that you will be worthy of all His Grace and Blessings!

Mr. Edwin Ross: Well, I certainly hope to be!

Sri Chinmoy: And you will prove that you are His chosen son.

Mr. Edwin Ross: Well, it is very unusual to have someone else count my blessings for me, but it has certainly been pleasant listening to you recount them!