Two hundred miles: your supreme glory3

My dear children, my divine children, your Guru shall cherish and cherish and cherish your loving, self-giving and sleepless oneness with your Guru’s vision-eye and with his satisfaction-heart. You have done something great, divinely great. You have done something good, supremely good.

In the New Year’s message I told you that this would be the year of teeming surprises. What else can be a surprise if not an achievement like this? I have said that this month will convincingly give all the seekers in their inner lives a true sense of progress and in their outer lives a true sense of success. During these four days you have made immense, immense progress in your inner lives and you have offered immense, immense success to your outer lives.

Since all of you are blessed with aspiring hearts, please feel my heart of gratitude, gratitude and gratitude. My heart established — as it always does — its constant sympathetic oneness with your two-hundred-mile run. Now my heart is establishing its oneness with your stupendous success-glories. An achievement like this makes me see and feel that my spiritual children can do and will do everything for their Master on the strength of their sleepless dedication and oneness-heart.

Three divine things I shall cherish and cherish in the very depths of my heart: your love for your Beloved Supreme inside my heart, your most exemplary dedication to your Beloved Supreme inside my heart and your brave, braver and bravest self-giving to your Beloved Supreme inside my heart. My pride in you knows no bounds today and my gratitude to you knows no bounds today, for you have proved to your brothers and sisters that this is an unprecedented month of inner progress and outer success. I made the announcement about this run, and you have executed my vision-prophecy. Each of you is a runner of tomorrow’s ever-illumining, ever-transcending, ever-fulfilling dawn. Therefore, my heart is all gratitude to you.

These two hundred miles represent your supreme glory. I am sure that each of you has placed this supreme glory soulfully and unconditionally at the Feet of your Beloved Supreme. His unconditional Compassion-Light has acted in and through each and every one of you. What we call capacity is nothing other than His unconditional Compassion. If there is one secret in God’s entire Creation for seekers like you, if there is one supreme secret for you to cherish in the inmost recesses of your heart at every moment in your life, then it is this: we can do nothing, nothing, nothing; we are absolutely nothing; and we will remain nothing without the Compassion of our Beloved Supreme. Because of His unconditional Compassion acting in and through us, we can do something to inspire humanity to raise its inner and outer standards.

We are grateful to our Beloved Supreme. He is proud of us. Our gratitude and His Pride shall always remain together in His Eternity’s Satisfaction — Heart’s Satisfaction-Nest.

WSI 8. 20 March 1986, Flushing Meadows-Corona Park, Queens, New York. Talk at the awards ceremony for the four-day two-hundred-mile run in Flushing Meadows-Corona Park from 16-20 March 1986. Twenty-seven disciples ran to honour Sri Chinmoy's achievement of lifting two hundred pounds.