The deliberate lie

About three weeks ago, I asked Databir to tell a deliberate lie to Prakash. Prakash, as you know, is our champion in weightlifting. The lie was that I had lifted up 70 pounds from the ground over my head with one hand. Prakash is a divine unbeliever and disbeliever. He said, "That's impossible! Guru can't lift 70 pounds. I know Guru's biceps."

He had examined my triceps and biceps secretly and saw that they were like marshmallows.

I said, "Now that I have told a lie, let me start with 50 pounds and, after some time, make the lie true."

It took me two or three days to lift 50 pounds. Then I went on to 60 pounds. The other day, both Databir and Pahar were able to lift up 60 pounds with one hand, but I could not do it. I said to myself, "Sixty pounds I will not do in this incarnation!" Three or four times I tried. The first two or three days I could lift it up to my knee. Then it went to my shoulder. On the 11th of this month I asked a few girls and boys to predict when I would be able to lift 60 pounds. Most of them said I would be able to lift it any day. It seemed like an exaggeration which had nothing to do with reality!

Some said I would do it on the 12th or 13th; some said on the 15th. Nobody guessed the 16th. Today is the 16th, and today I actually did it. Now I am trying for 70 pounds. I do not know whether I will ever succeed in this incarnation. To me, 70 pounds is unimaginable! Of course, about a week ago, 60 pounds was out of the question.

— 16 July 1985