Help In Reaching My Goal

This morning I reached my ultimate goal — 705 pounds. I have done it with my Beloved Supreme's infinite Grace. Just before I started lifting, my prayer was:

My Lord Supreme, My Beloved Supreme, Your infinite Compassion decides The choice hour for me. Your infinite Compassion also transforms My human greed Into Your divine Need.

When human greed becomes His divine Need, then one can be of real inspiration and true service to mankind. So this was my prayer, and a few minutes after it was offered, I was able to lift 705 pounds.

When I lift, there is always some divine Grace in the form of gods, goddesses or relatives and friends who come to inspire me. They are of real help. Today it was my dearer-than-the-dearest Mother Kali who came. Inside me she is always visible, but today I saw her very vividly on the wall, where the window is. She had a larger-than-the-largest garland around her neck. I saw it when I was lifting. On my third attempt she was looking at me so powerfully and compassionately. On my fourth attempt I clearly saw her placing her feet on the metal plates and the bar. Then I saw in my intuitive world that I was going to lift it. On that attempt, I was looking only at her face. My concentration was so powerful at that time, I didn't see the garland, and I was wondering where it went. Then, in my highest point of concentration, I saw that the garland was on my neck. Then I made the attempt and I was successful. She had garlanded me before I had actually made the lift. Then I lifted it again on my fifth attempt. After that she was playing with the garland she had placed on me.

Now I can cut jokes. About a month ago some of the disciples didn't have faith that I would be able to lift 700 pounds. I said I would put them into garbage bags. So many disciples I put in garbage bags! Today I can open up the garbage bags and release them.

— 1 November 1986