A calf raise down under

When I was in New Zealand, I visited a gym. I was in my Indian dhoti and I had just had my lunch. Not even twenty minutes had passed since I had eaten. The staff members at the gym were very kind to me and they showed me their equipment.

They had a calf raise machine that held 950 pounds maximum. They said that they knew of only two young men who could do 600 pounds, but they were not there. Hundreds of people go to that gym, but only two can do 600 pounds. So I decided to try.

First I did 600 pounds. The staff members were standing there watching, but they said they themselves did not dare to do it. Then I said, “Now put 950 pounds on the machine.”

So they added the extra weight. Meanwhile, one of the men went to get his camera. When he came back, I lifted the weight. I was showing off, using only my left leg to support it.

The man with the camera was lying down on the floor taking pictures. Then he had to go to the other side to take more pictures. He was moving so slowly and taking such a long time. Meanwhile, I was still holding up the weight.

Finally, the other man said to him, “It seems that your camera is heavier than Sri Chinmoy’s lift!”

5 December 1987