Delicate hand and powerful hand

At a quarter to two, I go to bed. At a quarter to four, I get up and meditate. Then I go to my second room and do chest exercises 30 times; then quadricep and hamstring exercises.

At five o'clock, I go out to walk for two miles. Then I come back and do stretching exercises for half an hour. Next comes more exercises upstairs. Then I come down and lift 155 pounds 13 times. Then I do leg presses and bench presses.

After this I meditate and play the cello. Then I take another form of exercise and then play my Moroccan instrument. Next I do another exercise and then play the Chinese instrument.

First I am showing a delicate hand and then I am showing a weightlifter's hand. This moment I use my delicate hand to play musical instruments, and the next moment I use my powerful hand for carrying inert, solid weights.

— 18 November 1985