Bill Pearl's name

About two and a half years ago, before I knew anything about bodybuilding, before I started weightlifting, I heard from people that Bill Pearl had been Mr. Universe five times. As an individual who had become Mr. Universe, Bill Pearl did not mean anything to me because I was not in that world. But, to be very frank, as soon as I heard the name “Bill Pearl”, something like the Liberty Bell started ringing in my heart, not for Bill Pearl, Mr. Universe, but for Bill Pearl, the supremely chosen instrument of God. So, Bill Pearl as a bodybuilder or supreme authority on bodybuilding did not mean anything to me at that time. But Bill Pearl as an individual, a supremely chosen instrument of God, that name started ringing so melodiously in my aspiration-heart and realisation soul. Because I am a conscious, devoted instrument of God, as soon as I hear a name, I get a vibration. In the inner world his name started ringing so powerfully and melodiously in the inmost recesses of my heart. This was my top secret: there was something in the very name Bill Pearl.

When I was in Japan — in Tokyo, Fukuyama, Kyoto and quite a few other places — his very name used to give me tremendous joy. My song on him that I composed in Japan became my mantra. A mantra is an incantation that we repeat countless times to realise God. I have composed thousands of poems and songs, but there is no song that I have repeated as many times as I have repeated the Bill Pearl song. Again, this is not because he is the supreme Himalayan authority on bodybuilding. The inner reason is that I see him as an absolute giant in the inner worlds of aspiration and dedication. God’s Vision-Dream is so powerfully manifested in his life.

So his very name gave me, still gives me and will forever and forever give me the same intensity of ecstasy and delight.

— 20 August 1986