Going to 400 pounds

About three months ago I cried when I tried to lift 300 pounds. Now I am trying to add another 100 pounds and lift 400. Yesterday I started with 360 pounds. Then I shall go to 370, 380, 390 and 400.

Two people who will be really happy when I lift 400 pounds are Bill Pearl and Jim Smith. Jim Smith has predicted that I will do 400 pounds. My brother Chitta does not like predictions or outer promises. So, on the one hand, he will laugh at me for saying I will do 400 pounds; on the other hand, he will be the one to cry and die every day to know if I have done it. Outwardly he will laugh but inwardly he will desperately cry and intensely pray for me to do it. Lately, my sister has been reminding me of my promise to stop after 300 pounds. She has been begging me to stop. My 350 pounds made her very sad.

— 14 September 1986