My 500-pound story

How tired one can become coming back from Manhattan! While coming home from the city this afternoon, the car didn't move; there was such traffic! I became so tired. But then when I got home, I lifted 503 pounds with my one-arm lift.

Usually when I lift, after my first and second attempts I do not sit down. Then, after my third attempt I sit down on my exercise chair for a few seconds and concentrate to get added blessing-strength. This time, when I was sitting down after my third, fourth, fifth and sixth attempts, Mother Kali came. She was blessing me and caressing my head.

Afterwards, when I called India, my sister said that in a dream she had seen Mother Kali blessing me. My sister said she had been worrying like anything since my 300-pound lift. On the one hand she is full of tremendous joy and pride because of my weightlifting achievements. On the other hand, she is dying of worries.

Before I started lifting this evening, my weightlifting prayer was very significant:

My Lord Supreme,
May Your absolute Victory supreme
Be proclaimed at every moment
In and through my aspiration-heart
And my dedication-life.

— 29 September 1986