God's weightlifting experience

It is my wish one day, in front of thousands of eyewitnesses, to lift up 100 pounds from the ground. Then, most probably I will pray to the Supreme to liberate me from weightlifting. But, who knows, when the time comes I may not be able to make even that request.

In all sincerity, I hate weightlifting. It is unconscious, lifeless, dead! It knows nothing but resistance from beginning to end. As if spiritual transcendence, which I have already done, is not enough! The transcendence of lifeless, senseless matter will take God knows how many millions and millions of years.

Anyway, God is having a good experience in and through me. The philosophy of all the great Masters is that there is nothing a Yogi cannot do. Now, compared to a spiritual Master of the highest order, an ordinary Yogi is like a little brother. So if the helpless, little brothers can do something great in their life-story, then the elder brothers should have the capacity to do infinitely better.

— 6 January 1986