Catching Up On The News

In one of the weightlifting stores they were reading each and every line of Vidagdha’s article. When they saw Lee Haney’s comment about me, they were so moved. One of them said to me, “You must be happy that Lee Haney has again become Mr. Olympia.”

I asked, “When?”

He said, “The day before yesterday, on the 13th of October. It was in Columbus, Ohio. I watched it on television. You didn’t see it?”

I said, “He is my friend. He encourages me like anything.”

He said, “But you didn’t know about it? You don’t read the magazines?”

I said, “I read them and my students read them, but I didn’t know.”

Then he went to his room and brought me the previous issue of one of the magazines, which announced the contest. He was 100 per cent right.

Afterwards, I sent Lee Haney a telegram congratulating him. Mandabhi spoke to him after he received it and said he was very, very moved.

Only the previous day, they had put my picture up in a store next to Lee Haney’s picture. He will be in Hawaii on the 25th of October to give away prizes at a weightlifting contest.

— 19 October 1986