Commentary to Whatever you want, God gives

Whatever we want from God, whether we have earthly desires or Heavenly desires, He will give us. Since Sudhama’s wife sincerely wanted material wealth, her desire was fulfilled by Lord Krishna. Her husband wanted spiritual blessings, affection, love and compassion, and Lord Krishna also fulfilled his desires. So we have to be careful what we ask of God. If we pray and pray for the fulfilment of earthly desires, God will fulfil them. Only we have to have patience. Again, if we want our aspiration to be fulfilled, God will also fulfil it, but this takes longer.

The only problem is that when earthly desires are fulfilled, they are not really fulfilled. They only increase and increase and increase. Desire is like a ceaseless hunger that can never be appeased. Nobody will be able to derive lasting satisfaction from the fulfilment of earthly desires. But if we get only an iota of spiritual wealth, we are satisfied. And this spiritual wealth we can increase by increasing our aspiration. As our inner hunger increases, we are able to receive more and more of God’s Blessings, Love, Compassion, Light and Delight.