Commentary to The Grace of Mother Kali

When the Grace of Mother Kali or any aspect of the Divine Mother enters into us, miracles can take place in the twinkling of an eye. You saw that those real scholars who went to the princess all lost to her. Then the scholars played a trick on her and defeated her by using foul means. But the story does not end there. The story ends very sweetly, very satisfactorily. Kalidasa, her husband, became the greatest scholar and poet.

I wish to tell you that there is a great difference between knowledge and wisdom. Knowledge comes from books, but wisdom comes either from the inmost recesses of our heart, or directly from our soul, or from Above. This kind of wisdom is infinitely, infinitely superior to knowledge.

If you pray to the Supreme for inner wisdom, He will definitely give it to you. If you want to be of service to Him in raising the consciousness of humanity, if you want to take part in His Cosmic Game, if you want to be His supremely chosen instrument, then He will grant you the golden opportunity.

Sweetest children, you will live on earth for another fifty, sixty or eighty years, and then your body will go. You will see how fleeting these years are! But if you have aspiration, then you can grow into the eternal Life. The more you become consciously aware of the soul, which is a direct representative of God, the more you will grow into God’s infinite Light, Peace and Bliss and the more you will be able to manifest these qualities on earth.

Everybody wants happiness. But true happiness comes only from oneness with the will of your soul, with the Will of God. If you obey His Will, sleeplessly and breathlessly, then you will be happy.

So, dear ones, value your spiritual life. Do not depend on others to inspire you and help you. Be your own inspiration. The good things that you are doing, increase. Do not trust your mind when it says, “This is right.” One moment the mind will say, “Go this way.” The next moment it will say, “Go that way.” The mind is only playing football with you. But the heart does not do that. The heart knows the Will of the Supreme, and the heart will always tell you to go towards the Light. So if you can always remain in the heart, then you will always be able to proceed towards the Golden Shore. With infinite love, compassion, concern and divine pride I am requesting you, sweet children, to always remain most beautiful and fragrant flowers inside the Heart-Garden of the Supreme.