Mirabai and the sannyasin

Mirabai was a princess of Rajasthan. She was a woman of immense beauty and virtue.

In the course of time Mirabai was married to a prince. In his family everyone was a worshipper of the Mother-Power. Mirabai was the only worshipper of Sri Krishna. Because of this, a sad dispute arose every day.

There came a time when, utterly dejected and frustrated, Mirabai left her husband’s palace and went to Brindaban to live. It happened that a Bengali sannyasin, who was also a great worshipper of Sri Krishna, went to Brindaban at the same time.

Mirabai expressed a deep desire to visit this Bengali sannyasin, but the sannyasin would not condescend to see her. She was told that the sannyasin lived a life of austerity and penance, hence it was impossible for him to see and speak to a woman. Mirabai was deeply hurt.

A few days later, without securing the sannyasin’s permission, Mirabai went to visit him. She said, “I have always known that in Brindaban there is only one man, and that man is Lord Krishna. The rest are all women, his devotees. How dare you claim to be another man? For me there is only one man, Krishna, here in Brindaban.”

The sannyasin recognised his mistake. His pride was smashed by Mirabai’s soulful wisdom-light. He spoke to Mirabai, and Mirabai became his disciple.