Once I understand God, nobody can misunderstand me

"Master, Master, today I am so sad and depressed."

"Why are you so sad and depressed, my child?"

"I am sad and depressed because nobody understands you."

"What do you mean?"

"I mean that on this earth nobody understands you."

"So, Tandra, are you on that list?"

"Of course, Master, I also belong to that unfortunate list. I wish to say that I try my best to understand you. But there are people who do not want to understand you at all. And I feel really sorry that I am helpless, that I cannot do anything to change their way of thinking."

"Tandra, when you change your way of thinking, that is to say, when you stop misunderstanding me, at that time you will see that they also will stop misunderstanding me. Now tell me, Tandra, what is actually bothering you today?"

"Master, last night I went to visit my parents, and my aunt happened to be there. She said to my parents, 'Look at Tandra's Master! A few days ago I happened to be at one of his public meditations. There I saw him in a very high spiritual mood. But even a spiritual Master of his standard, such a great Master, becomes nervous. I was so surprised. I was simply shocked His eyes were flickering, moving from this side to that side, and they were practically trembling. So I felt really sorry for Tandra's spiritual Master, and also for Tandra and the other disciples. I feel this Master is really sincere, yet look at his weakness!"

The Master asked Tandra, "What did you say?"

"I tried to defend you. I told my aunt that it was not nervousness that was causing your eyes to flicker. I told her that you were bringing down Light, scattering Light all over, and that we were all receiving it according to our capacity. You told us once that your consciousness is like a bird flying from one branch to another. While flying it is offering its beauty. When it is on one branch, it takes a few fruits and offers them so that others can eat. It goes from one branch to another, plucking the fruits and throwing them down so that we can eat.

"But my aunt did not believe it. She has tremendous sympathy for us and tremendous respect for you. She feels that you are really sincere and that you are really doing God's work. But she cannot understand how a spiritual Master of your height can become so nervous."

The Master smiled and smiled and said, "Well, in this world I can't blame her. Everybody has to judge me according to his or her own standard. When your eyes are flickering in that fashion when there are thousands of people around you and in front of you, naturally they will get the impression that you are nervous. But in my case you know, as I have told you, I am offering Light at that time in a very dynamic way, and you people are receiving it.

"Anyway, I wish to tell you that she in no way wanted to damage our reputation. If she had criticised us badly and had felt no sympathy for me, if she had not at all cared for my spirituality or our cause, then it would have been a different matter. But she felt that the movement of my eyes was an act of weakness, and she was sympathetic. She was only feeling sorry. Actually she was not trying to speak ill of me, so right now let us not be displeased with her in any way. Let us sympathise with her ignorance and forgive her. I tell you, a day will come when she herself will be able to receive my Light. Then she also will understand what I actually am doing, and why my eyes flicker so rapidly. If she goes deep within and prays and meditates, who knows but that one day she may accept our path."

Tandra said, "Yes, I do feel that she will accept our path because she is more spiritual than my parents. Even my parents don't speak ill of us. They see that we are doing the right thing. Previously, we were absolutely useless in their opinion. But although they have lost me, because now I am all for you, still they feel that, after all, it is their son, their son, their son who has become spiritual. Now they have become wise. They feel that no matter who has transformed their child, the child still belongs to them. They are grateful to you for transforming me.

"So, Master, now that you have thrown light on the situation, I shall forgive my aunt and I shall wait for the day when she also becomes a disciple of yours."

The Master said, "Tandra, do you know why people misunderstand your Guru?"

Tandra said, "I do not know. I suppose it is our ignorance."

The Master said, "No, there is a specific reason. The reason is this: as long as I do not understand God, the world will not understand me."

"You do not understand God? But Master, you have realised God."

"Yes, I have realised God. But you have realised me as a spiritual Master; yet there are many times when you misunderstand me. Similarly, I have realised God fully, I have become one with Him in my consciousness. But here, when I am on earth, sometimes the human in me does not understand Him or fails to understand Him. Here is the situation: I am suffering on earth considerably. I really don't want to live on earth. I want to go away. I want to put an end to my sorrowful life here. I feel that I have fought like anything in the battlefield of life to serve God, to elevate the human consciousness. Now I feel that the time is more than ripe for me to go to the other world, but God does not listen to my cries. So, you see, I don't identify with God. I don't understand Him. I don't understand His Plan in spite of knowing Him, in spite of having realised Him.

"Here everybody misunderstands me, and I don't understand anybody. As long as I don't understand God in His Cosmic Plan all the time, how can I expect humanity to understand me?"