What is God's plan?

What is God's plan? This question is often raised and discussed. Strangely enough, the very idea of God's plan attracts the attention, not only of those who believe in God, but also of those who deny God's existence.

Has God a plan? No, never! Making a plan means drawing up an estimate of work to be done in the future. It is the temptation of success that often inspires us to throw ourselves into activities. We want to grow into the success of the future. Hence, plans do help us to some extent. But God needs no plan. To Him, the vision of the Future is not a thing to be fulfilled, but a thing that already abides, nay, looms large in the giant breast of the present.

The world has ever been charmed by movement, here, there and everywhere The waning of enthusiastic movement is the downfall of human life. Each movement has to undergo ups and downs before it reaches its goal. Movement is the outer expression of an inner urge. This inner urge is the representative of God's Will in a human body seeking to play with the Beyond and to awaken the Infinite in the finite.

God has no plan. Neither does He need one. He is not a mental being who cannot think of the future without a plan. What God is, is Delight. What God wants us to have is Delight. We can have it only by turning all that we have and all that we are towards the Supreme Reality.

We must think of God's existence first, and then, if we must, we may think of God's plan. Does God exist? Where is the proof? Our very heart is the proof. Constantly our heart demands or begs of us to see God everywhere and in everything. With the aspiration of our heart, God's existence can be felt. With the aspiration of our heart we can see that God's Heaven, which is Silence, and God's earth, which is Power, are not only interdependent, but also complementary smiles of God's eternal Reality.

Some people say that the world has come into existence from a plan made by God. They see that the world is full of suffering and imperfection and feel that they could have made a better world if they had been given a chance. To them I say, "Who prevents you? It is you who have to cultivate the soil in order to grow a bumper crop of perfection and satisfaction."

Much have we learned from suffering and imperfection. What we need now is Delight and Perfection. We cannot have these two divine qualities by finding fault with a plan that we have thrust upon God. We can have Delight and Perfection only by living in God's Consciousness. There is no other way.

Man's interpretation of suffering and imperfection is based on his preconceived mental ideas and notions. God's interpretation is founded on His direct Vision in its absolute and ultimate Reality. Man's interpretation needs justification. But God's interpretation does not need any justification, for He is at once the Truth embodied and the Truth revealed.

Similarly, a spiritual man looks at God from a different angle than does an ordinary man. He feels that God has and is everything, manifest and unmanifest. His God is in the eternal process of ever-progressing Perfection. An ordinary man, however, feels that God has yet to achieve something to transform the world.

God is a child, an eternal divine Child. How can a child have a plan? Impossible! Just as a human child plays with his dolls, dressing and fondling them, so God, the divine Child, does the same with His dolls, the human instruments. But being the divine Child, God, whatever He does, He does consciously, significantly and divinely.

Man's unconscious, semi-conscious, conscious and spiritually conscious plans and God's self-revealing manifestations are inseparable. The Supreme Secret is that man's plans are always united with the Breath of the Supreme. Man has to know this. Nothing further is there to know. Man has to feel this. Nothing deeper is there to feel. Man has to realise this. Nothing higher is there to realise.