There are seven planes of consciousness in the spiritual development. How can I determine which plane I belong to?

You can know which plane you belong to by throwing your outer mind into the sea of your aspiring heart, whose source is Consciousness. This Consciousness is the life-breath of all planes. The awareness of this Consciousness permits you immediately to recognise your status — where you were, where you are now and how far you still have to go.

After becoming aware of which plane you belong to, try to carry out all your daily activities on that level. The easiest and most effective way of operating from that plane is to make your outer being a conscious and dedicated instrument of your inner vision and will.

In your case, let us suppose that you want to act from the intuitive mind. Once you have seen that plane and are conscious of it, you can try to remain there through your psychic aspiration and determined will. This is the real way to achieve mastery over a particular plane.